Our Service&Mission

Our Commitment/We, Hirano Logistics continue to provide the best service for further  success of all our customers .

Our Service

Road Feeder Service

Bonded Cargo between major Airports
Narita International Airport, Haneda International Airport,
Chubu International Airport, Kansai International Airport and Fukuoka Airport.
Chartered Service
General, Heavy and Sensitive Cargo etc.
General Service
Airport to Door, Door to Door


Kobe, Narita and Kansai International Airport

A Temp Agency(staffing service)

Agency of Temporary Staffing

Our Mission


The customer comes first
We have been providing many types of transportation services over the years with the most care under the most safe manner through the year round.
We are constantly working for further improvement of our transportation quality to satisfy customers’ demand.
Hirano Logistics can provide wide range of transportation service to meet the needs of every customer.
Extensive information and communication services
Delivery confirmation service. - We provide the actual delivering data with the delivery condition of each cargo by fax.
Tracking & Tracing Service for 24 hours for 365 days
Our all trucks can be monitored for 24 hours with wireless GPS at our Narita Operation Center, and also the driver is regulated to contact the center to report the status and condition by mobile phone at every checkpoints specified beforehand.
As a result we can provide customers the location of trucks on the route and the estimate time of arrival at the destination, and also we can comply to sudden requirements by customer, e.g. sudden destination change even if the truck is on the route.
The emergency communication & rescuer
To prepare for various emergency situations on the route, we set up the emergency communication network chart both of our own inter-offices and partners, and we fixed the manual to support and help trucks and drivers against any incident and accident for 24 hours
Handling of Special Cargo is our field of expertise.
Live Animal(Horse, Cow etc.)
Sensitive Cargo
Extra Heavy Cargo
Severe Temperature Control Cargo(Pharmaceutical etc.)
Automobile etc……



Safety is always our top priority in our business and we have been focusing on the safe operation in order to provide professional service.
We have been struggling to develop new activities in order to realize ZERO TRAFFIC ACCIDENT which is our ultimate goal.

once a year, for all drivers include partner companies
every months, safety check on the regular routes
GPS and MOBILE PHONE are equipped on all truck for trucking and emergency purpose


As a heavy user of road vehicles, Environmental Protection is also a big issue for us as well as safety.
We have been enhancing to minimize air pollution as much as possible.

reduce CO2
Renewal of vehicles
New Trucks can clear severer exhaust control(Average Service Year of our truck is about 4.6 years)
Hybrid vehicles for sales use

We were approved The Green Management Certification by the Foundation for Promoting Personal Mobility and Ecological Transportation.

We developed ECO-Trucks (+1, +2, +7 and +8) for CO2 reduction

+1 It can load 4 pallets
Fleet type +1 Fleet type +1
+2 It can load 5 pallets

Fleet type +2 Loading MD Pallet into Fleet type +2

+7 It can load 13 LD3s

Fleet type +7 Structure of Fleet type +7

+8 It can load 14 LD3s

Fleet type +8 Fleet type +8

Certificate of Green Management promoting personal mobility and ecological transportation


We Hirano Logistics were authorized the AEO(Authorized Economic Operator) Logistics Operator by Kobe Customs in June 2013 as the first Logistics Company in Kobe Customs territory(Western Japan).
AEO proves that Japanese Government recognized us as the logistics operator with strong cargo security management and legal compliance systems.
Security and compliance is becoming more important in logistics and air cargo business.
We believe that our service prove worthy of customer’s trust by this authorization.

Certificate of AEO Authorized Economic Operator