Our Advanced Temperature Controlled Vehicles

We invested into new Temperature Controlled Truck that was able to load 96-inch containers, classified as AMA type in IATA standard, by strong demand in the market, especially pharmaceutical industries.
The new vehicle can load three 96-inch containers and accommodate the temperature zone between 5 and 25 degree(℃).
The truck can open both side doors to load cargo from the both side for easier handling.

It is scheduled to increase the same type of truck in service up to 5 shortly.
We established new side wall panel with truck manufacturer to keep thin as much as possible with enough thermal insulation as well.
Such a new side panel made it possible to carry Temperature Controlled 96-inch Containers.
Moreover, the outside of the body was painted in the same kind of heat-resisting paint which NASA uses for the tip of the space shuttle.

It has applied for the patent about this vehicle .
We will improve Temperature Controlled Truck for hotter summer in future


Air suspended 25tons Trucks,Auto Roller equipped, and various type of 10tons Trucks

  • Regular Floor Deck
  • Lower Floor Deck
  • Wing Opening
special purposes
  • Sensitive machines
  • Heavy cargo
  • Temperature Controlled
  • Crane

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Originally Designed

  • +1 It can load 4 pallets
  • +2 It can load 5 pallets
  • +7 It can load 13 LD3s
  • +8 It can load 14 LD3s